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Facilities We Service

Types Of Services


  • Empty Waste Baskets

  • Clean Entrance Door Glass

  • Remove Garbage To Central Disposal

  • Dust Telephone & Office Equipment

  • Spot Wash All Walls To Hand Height

  • Damp Wipe All Desks, Tables & Counters

  • Dust All Picture Frames & Display Cases

Cleaning Tables


  • Wash & Mop Tile Areas

  • Damp Mop Stairs & Stairwells

  • Vacuum Carpet Areas

  • Spot Clean Carpets

Mopping the Floor


  • Clean And Sanitize All Sinks, Toilet Bowls, Urinals, Chrome Taps And Handles

  • Wash Walls & Counter Area Adjacent To sinks

  • Clean & Sanitize All Toilet Seats And Walls Around Toilets

  • Clean All Glass, Mirrors And Chrome Surfaces

  • Damp Mop And Sanitize All Floors

  • Remove All Fingerprints From Doors, Frames, Switches, Kick & Push Plates

  • Empty All Waste Containers, Insert Liners As Required

  • Refill All Dispensers To Normal Level

  • Dust & Spot Clean Metal Partitions

Bathroom Cleaner


  • Empty Waste Baskets

  • Remove Garbage To Central Disposal

  • Damp Mop, Degrease & Sanitize All Floors

  • Clean & Sanitize All Sinks

  • Spot Clean All Cupboard Fronts

Cleaning Sink
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